The Space

Kaya Holistic — our hub where we meet well-being. 

Housed in a historical building, we've got a playground of experiences put in place for you!

Within these walls, you'll discover dedicated spaces for various practices. Whether it's martial arts at Atos JiuJitsu Romania, fitness, ballet, yoga or dance classes, we offer a range of physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines and practices.

Our meditation room is a sanctuary for introspection, or just for relaxation of the mind that’s always talking and working in the background! 

Indulge in a moment of relaxation with our massage room and physical therapy. And when it's time to recharge, our vibrant cafeteria, Kaya Juice and Coffee, serves up refreshing juices, nourishing smoothie bowls, delightful salads, comforting porridge and specialty coffee.

Join us across two floors, where you can integrate practices for a well-balanced lifestyle or simply escape the daily routine for a mini retreat.